Tantric Sex Massage is about letting your mind go so that you can shine.

Tantric sex massages for natural sexuality life force energy, experience a breast filled with love.

Tantra Massage

A Tantra Massage can be defined as conscious touch which activates, circulates, and expands sexual energy throughout the entire body system and further directs sexual energy to be consciously transformed, recycled and stored, rather than being dissipated and discharged.

Within a Tantra Massage the sexual energy is the key dimension of our body’s vital life force - and it's an energy which needs to be harmonised if we are to live life happily and fulfil our true potential.

A Tantra Massage is about letting our minds go and becoming more expressive with our bodies.

A Tantra Massage nurtures intimacy, sexual and emotional self-confidence, as well as a healthy development of sexual energy flow throughout the whole body.

As the mind and body become harmonised; communication skills, personal creativity and spontaneity will be positively boosted.

Long term couples can find new, deeper and spiritual ways of expressing their sexuality and the healing of past sexual or emotional hurts will be encouraged too.

Alegraluz Tantra Massages are open to women, men and couples.

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