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Tantric Sex Coach, Tantra and Tao Teacher,
Tantra Training Course Presenter and Anthropologist

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Tantra Maria

Martin is the founder of the International School of Tantra.
The direction that is followed, is in line with the belief that we have all we need to live our unique lives already inside ourselves. The same concept is found in the Indian teachings of Osho, in some Arabic teachings on sexuality and in Taoism from China.

Martin completed several degrees in Anthropology at university level, specialising in Eastern Religions and their rituals. He studied Taoism and Tantra in India, China and Thailand.
Martin has a strong background in International Management Training and is an excellent listener and ardent traveller.
Professional Membership: the International School of Tantra, Alegraluz Tantra International and Biomedica.

The most important aspect that differentiates me from any other coaching service provider is the fact that I work with you and not on you or for you. Together we practice amazing techniques, together we experience them and together we unwrap what is really in us.
I do not have any focus on a specific therapeutic outcome but therapeutic healing surfaces as a side effect of what I do.
I practice three techniques with my clients in order to hand them opportunities to be reminded of what they have forgotten about themselves.

Most people contact me as they believe that some aspect of their lives need fixing: people contact me with an orgasm problem and they leave with a much bigger problem, being multi-orgasmic
people tell me that they have no intimacy in their lives and they suddenly find themselves intimate with almost everyone they meet
people tell me there is something missing in their lives and then they leave with fulfilment that can be lived every moment of their lives

There are three kinds of techniques that I practice with my clients : breath, touch and intimacy techniques:
Breath techniques will shine light on the fact that you actually need and can have a good relationship with your mind
Touch techniques will guide you to your own body as the only place where you can be fully present
Intimacy techniques will allow you to be reassured that your need for being one with many people is healthy and reachable

During our time together most clients actually realise that the notion of finding themselves is outdated as life is about living their own unique life.
Therefore we do not teach you anything, we do not hand you anything and we do not want to change anything in you.
We walk with with you so that you can unfold your own unique and amazing life here and now.
Once you are aware of who you are, of who you have been all the time, then you can live your own unique life skilfully.

Living one's own life is nothing spectacular to oneself, except the amazing silence about who we are and what we do. Living one's own unique life skilfully is something amazingly spectacular to the people around you.
Living your own life means you have all the energy you need to be, to live, to thrive and to connect fully to who you are and to what you have to do in this life.

It remains true that the biggest disease in life is that we do not know how well we are. We show you how well you are by being a mirror for you, a mirror to look into and to have your eyes opened about yourself.

The fee we charge is a per day fee. Our work involves questionnaires before we start, working with you as a client for at least one day and a follow up with coaching for as long as we deem necessary.
We travel the world and work with people who have decided that they are important to themselves.
Are you important to yourself? Will you spend time and money on yourself?

The benefits of what we offer are best captured in the concepts of silence and action, the silence because of the absence of questions about who we are and what to do, the action as you start implementing yourself in this life. Only when we live our lives without questioning it, only then we do not waste energy and then we can have the fulfilled life that we are craving so desperately.

We work mostly with business minded people and our focus is on a short and successful interaction with the client.
We invite you to mail us any specific questions about what we do.
Come to learn something completely new! Learn new skills about living your own unique life, the one you have just forgotten about a bit. Come to learn skills to be the amazing person you already are.
For once in your life, do something for yourself.

Deirdre Morrissey, a journalist for LIFE Magazine, which is part of the Irish Independent Newspaper, was dubious about exploring the world of Tantric sexuality with me but tried it anyway. She writes: "I lay on the floor with my body and mind spreadeagled. I couldn't lift a finger. It was a fantastic, spiritual, multi-orgasmic experience".
Read more about her Tantra time with me: CLICK HERE

Svetlana Kolchic, deputy editor in chief of the Marie Claire International magazine says this kind of work is idially suited for business tycoons, glamour stars and politicians.

Dee McMath of the Hi Society magazine mentions in her article about Alegraluz Tantra International that sexual healing is something that should be explored by everyone.


  • For you to share quality time with a whole person
  • For you to experience the free flow of your sexual energy
  • For you to gain a clear view of your amazing being
  • For you to learn skills you can use the rest of your life
  • For you to be the super lover you always knew you are

  • My full awareness is with you
  • Personalized for your situation
  • Neutral ground
  • Time to talk about your future path
  • No other people around
  • A real opportunity for personal growth

  • That your existing life plan is perfect and available
  • How to end "Energy Draining" in your life.
  • How to attain the crucial elements necessary for personal spiritual awareness
  • Why most people have so much in their favour, yet fail to experience joy and enthusiasm
  • Why people routinely resort to concessions that erode their full potential as exceptional beings
  • Why people spend more time chasing fantasies than living a fulfilled life
  • How society focus on your "Weaknesses" to sabotage your ability to live a life of greatness


  • Living Your Own Life Coaching Sessions
  • Tantric Massage Sessions
  • Tantra Teacher Training
  • Tantric Massage Training
  • Tantra Workshop Presenter Training
  • Couples Sessions
  • Tantric Sex Instruction for Singles and Couples
  • Kundalini Awakening Sharing
  • Tao Sexuality Techniques

Tantra / Tantric Massage Sessions
  1. Personal Healing.
    • experience a 7 Chakra Rebirthing Session
    • receive a Tantric Massage
    • experience a Tantric Sound Healing Session
    • Kundalini Awakening Sharing
  2. Take charge of your Own Life Force Flow.
    • experience a 7 Chakra Rebirthing Session
    • receive a Tantric Massage
    • receive a Pelvic Healing Massage
    • experience a Tantric Sound Healing Session
    • learn the first steps in giving a Tantric Massage
    • learn the Maithuna Tantric Ritual
  3. For the Tantra Connoisseur.
    • experience a 7 Chakra Rebirthing Session
    • experience a Tantric Sound Healing Session
    • receive a Tantric Massage
    • receive a Pelvic Healing Massage
    • learn the first steps in giving a Tantric Massage
    • receive Tantric Sex Instruction
    • learn how to be Multi-Orgasmic
    • learn the Maithuna Tantric Ritual
  4. For the Tantra Student
    • experience a 7 Chakra Rebirthing Session
    • experience a Tantric Sound Healing Session
    • receive a Tantric Massage
    • receive a Pelvic Healing Massage
    • learn the first steps in giving a Tantric Massage
    • receive Tantric Sex Instruction
    • learn how to be Multi-Orgasmic
    • learn the Maithuna Tantric Ritual
    • learn how to Sexually Awaken Others
    • learn how to Move the Universe with Love


When not travelling then available in Spain: Marbella/Ronda or Switzerland: Zurich or by invitation worldwide.

Tantric massage sessions vailable by appointment in Dubai.
Workshops in UAE are open to women, men and couples.

Tantric massage sessions vailable by appointment in Goa and Bangalore.
Workshops in India, open to women, men and couples.

Tantric massage sessions vailable by appointment in Cancun.
Workshops in Mexico are open to women, men and couples.

As a couple we are better than ever, I must say.
We went away from our Tantra weekend very excited about what we discovered. Even though it was very difficult for me that weekend, it only told me that I had a lot of work to do on myself.
So after the weekend, we returned home and practiced, and still do practice (if that's the correct word), nearly everyday. It's made a tremendous impact on my life and our life as a couple.
Again, thank you for everything. I have rediscovered my sexual drive!
M from the USA

Trees are talking to me! The mountings are giggling like children with Buddha bellies!
The ground is kissing my bare feet! The wind is carrying my smell, telling all flowers about me. I am walking in heaven!! No I am heaven!!
Woman from the Middle East.

Dear Martin, thank you for the wonderful training and healing experience last week. It has had a very profound and empowering effect on me and I feel that I need your continued help and guidance now so that I can tap into my full potential. Pat from Dublin.

What other women say:
Martin. It is such a privilege and joy being in a workshop with you as you bring out the best in me. I feel beautiful and powerful when I am with you, sometimes i also feel confused, jealous and small but I enjoy that too. What's even more enjoyable is the way you so lovingly and patiently push me out of the smallness.
You are precious and will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for teaching me to love again. I am grateful to you and life. N from India.

Thank you for your encouraging messages and most of all those private workshop days in Goa.
I can feel something waking up from within me. Frequently I feel strong pulses in my yoni, which I now remember from my childhood. It is quite weird for me. It appears that I had cut the connection within myself as a young woman as it was too much for me. In me was a part wide awake and when I could not understand and handle it, then I have decided to switch off.
Now I'm me again and I look forward to being me with everyone eI meet. A from Finnland.

Martin. I never knew one could feel so much love from a total stranger. The session took me back into the womb. It was like going home, so much space and peace, it seemed effortless and I didn't want it to end.
I have had such beautiful experiences. I feel blessed. I am glad to be alive, You are one of a kind. I am grateful to have met you. U from India.

what you gave me at the weekend workshop was priceless. You gifted me my sexuality long forgotten. You gave me back my essence, my beautiful, sensuous and loving self. I thank you Martin, you did bring out the best in me.
N from Mumbai.

I went to Alegraluz for the first time 5 months ago, as I knew I had so many restrictions on a sexual, personal and spiritual level. I also had a lot of fears and felt often insecure in company of men.
Well, tantra has given me the opportunities to transform these fears and restrictions into power, openness and freedom. Freedom at so many levels in my life. Freedom to say NO when I want to say NO, freedom to express myself clearly, freedom to FEEL my body, feel the powerful energy I have inside, to KNOW who I am and what I am capable of.
It may sound strange to think that tantra techniques can do all this for someone, as for many people tantra is only connected to sexuality. Tantra (at least tantra at Aegraluz) has brought me to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level in my physical, personal and spiritual development. It even helped me in my work and my daily interactions with family, friends and clients.
I think it's the best thing that can happen to someone, if you re looking to go beyond only sexuality. E from Argentina.

I'm alive, my yoni is alive, my partner is alive, we are alive. thank you Martin. O from Oslo.

It was the best moment in my personal spring: it was in the morning in your centre, all sitting on the floor and the song Om Namah Shivaya played and Martin danced. I remember my tears and my joy in that moment, and I listen this song now and I cry again. Just happiness, just sadness, just life. Thank you for my personal spring that started with you. L from Russia.

Dear Martin.
Just to let you know that I am energised, creative, playful, sensual, happy, buzzing with energy, wild and free. These are just a few adjectives to describe how I feel today! I received such beautiful healing on a very deep level.
I found the tantric rituals really amazing although I kept forgetting to do the breathing. I just hope I can remember all of the wonderful insights I gained during the weekend.
My gym instructor told me I was acting really giddy and promptly made my workout twice as difficult. My husband, work colleagues and clients have all commented on my "special glow". So I really feel something in me has shifted, for the better.
Hope to meet you again soon. L from Ireland.

I just wanted you to know that I can see my own spiritual growth from last year and you played a huge part in that.
I often find myself thinking about all of the wisdom you passed on to me and it has helped me enormously in the tough times or when I feel like giving up. You were so kind to me, so caring and I really needed that. I know that if I hadn't had that kind of support then I wouldn't have felt able to make the changes I have.
So thank you so much and thank you for the sexual awakening ;-) I'm never sleeping again!
B from Ireland

I'm very excited about walking a road with Alegraluz.
This is the road for me and I will stay focused as this is one of the most important things for me in my life. I believe in Tantra, in what it has done for me, what I have learned from you and what I still need to learn.
I thank you and Maria, no words can ever describe what I feel inside. A from USA.

I have been doing some thinking lately and still trying to figure out and extract the lessons I need to learn from all of the madness I have lived through for the last year, and it really struck me today what a huge impact meeting with you and doing the workshop had on my life. It really did change the course of my life.
So the first thing I want to say is that you should be aware of the wonderful work that you do, life changing, spiritually enhancing, enriching. And I know that there must be times when you wonder what you are doing etc ( as we all do) but there is a sacred element to your work which other people need to experience.
Thank you my friend and my guide. L from Ireland.

Martin, dear sweet man. Thank you for helping me fly. I am bigger than I thought I could ever be. Your touch was so beautiful. You are this huge orgasm of a man. Thank you for this experience, the love and the continued support. I would definitely love to come and study with you. N form Goa

I thank you and Alegraluz for making me realize my sexuality and making me a new woman. L from Bangalore.

I have always been curious about the other side of the tantra. The massage I did with you was a great experience. Now I want to learn more to heal myself and others.
I recommend you to a friend as she was so unhappy in her mariage and with her child. She was dead inside, always thinking what she should do, not what she wanted to do. She did the tantra sessions. From there her life changed. She now knows what she wants and needs and she just does it. The last time I spoke to her, she was about to learn to teach tantra to others. I felt very happy for her and now it is my turn. P from France.

I would like to thank you Martin and Maria for the intensive tantra week in Orba.
It was quite a special experience to realize that the mere presence of my partner can have such an impact on me, open for this new dimension of sexuality. You made me discover that being, loving and paying attention are all part of one natural state, which I really enjoyed during your workshop.
Thanks to tantra, the duality in our daily lives can be shifted to a feeling of wholeness we would normally only dream of. I am very grateful to have seen these glimpses of heaven on earth.
The experience also makes me realize how nice it is to live from within and to have contact through this inner being. It has a very warming and soothing effect!
I hope we will soon meet again. G from Brussels.

For more information on Alegraluz Tantra please write to Martin by sending us a message through the contact page of this website.

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