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Tantra kolle

Kolle is an expert in international communication.

He has decided to explore his true nature, to follow the call of each moment in all aspects of his life.

Attending a tantra workshop acted as a major oportunity and wake up call in Kolle's life, inspiring him to implement major changes and helping him to let go of limiting beliefs.

Now he is dedicated to share his new found views on living a fulfilling life.

Kolle speaks German, French, English, Spanish, Russian.

His hobby is vertical gardening.

You can write to Kolle through the contact page of this website.

What his clients say:

Being lucky enough to have received four massages from Kolle over a two year period has not only provided me with a deep healing of my wounds on a physical and emotional level but has also allowed me an expansion in sensitivity and in my capacity to enjoy my sexuality with absolute openness and joy, to love my body as a sacred temple of love and a source of healing. Kolle loves what his work as he channels selfless respect and love easily. Thanks to Kolle I have discovered that I am an inexhaustible source of energy, life and love.

Mar from Seville

I can describe Kolle as friendly, welcoming, relaxed, warm, educated, respectful, conscious, organized, slow, tenuous, rhythmic, energetic, delicate, loving, receptive, devoted, profound and my time with him was definitely liberating.

Yolanda from Spain

It has been a precious experience to surrender myself to the hands and selfless love of Kolle. Even months later my body is still vibrating the radiant energy. It has been a very intense experience but I feel more beautiful, more feminine and more woman.

Mariadelmar in Cadiz

I highly recommend to all women a tantric massage with Kolle because it is a great experience. After the massage I felt liberated, as if I had let go of something I was carrying, which was not mine. After the massage when I went home I could even feel how the women in my family smiled and were grateful that I could have such an amazing experience in myself.

Pastori from Spain

For more information on Alegraluz Tantra please write to Martin by sending us a message through the contact page of this website.

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