• Tantra Practitioner
  • Self Employed Tantric Masseuse
  • Meyotra Tantra Workshop Presenter
  • Meyotra Tantric Massage Trainer
Tantra Emm

Emm is a veterinary surgeon from Europe who lives in Mexico.

She is also certified in traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture) and craniosacral therapy.

She has completed all the tantra training courses of Meyotra International School of Tantra and is associated with Meyotra for more than ten years.

Emm has a strong interest in intimacy work as human beings are more than just a physical body.

The interaction between human beings is based on an existing intimacy as there is no shortage of intimacy.

When people focus on the differences between them instead of the existing intimacy, then there is judgement, criticism and suffering.Emm is fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch

You can write to Emm through the contact page of this website.

For more information on Alegraluz Tantra please write to Martin by sending us a message through the contact page of this website.

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