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Tantra Daniel

Dan has successfully completed the Professional Tantra Teacher Training at the Meyotra International School of Tantra in Goa.

He is also an actor and a mathematician. This background gives Dan a unique approach in how he delivers Tantric teachings to others.

Dan often mentions that practicing Tantra has allowed him to get in touch with his instincts and his true nature. This has helped bring more passion, life and authenticity not only into his acting craft, but also into his life as a modern man. He feels deeply connected to the confusion many men of today are feeling and wants to help bring clarity to all those who are needlessly suffering because of it.

What his clients say:

Within a short space of time I experienced the power of my own sexuality bubbling up within me. The tantra techniques practised with Dan allowed me to totally let go of all unwanted baggage and can now breath freely. Thank you Dan.

Ana from India.

I want to thank Dan for opening my mind to a form of sexuality that I could never imagine. The six hour session that I gifted myself was the best present I could give myself.

E in Mumbai.

Thank you for being clear and caring during our practice of the tantra techniques. The world needs much more of this kind of awareness techniques.

B from Melbourne.

I had an amazing tantra technique experience with Dan! I can now live more connected with the world!

R from Sydney..

Since doing a private 1 on 1 workshop with Dan, I feel somehow more honest amd free with myself. My experience is difficult to put into words. My husband says I'm a different woman and that I have a new found calmer and confident apprpach to life. I am very greatful to have met Martin, Dan and GiGi. They're like angels sent from above! Dan really did change my life!

Anais from Goa.

Dan helped awaken something wothin me. I did the weekend workshop with him and I am now meeting amazing people. So many people I meet are now setting flames in heart. I am still learning about what I want and don't want, what I attract and repel. Thanks to Dan, I am now noticing and understanding my moon (ovulation) cycle and how it affects me. Observing whats inside me instead of just reacting. I am stronger in who I am. It was a perfect learning!


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