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Tantra Dan

Dan is from southern Brazil, on the border with Uruguay and Argentina.

He has successfully completed the professional training course through Alegraluz International School of Tantra in Goa many years ago and nowadays he works worldwide as part of our team.

Dan is also a lawyer, business consultant and works in real estate in Brazil.

His mother tongue is Portuguese and also speaks Spanish fluently. In addition, he speaks English, German and some Italian.

He admits that the best job in the world is to be a Tantra practitioner.

Dan has several hobbies like traveling, playing some musical instruments and practicing extreme sports. However, his passion is to get to know different cultures, in particular, the local people.

Dan is a self employed Tantra practitioner and manages his retreat in Brazil where he teaches students about the wonderful Tantric life. He does not offer Tantric massage for less than 3 hours.

Alegraluz offers personal development and spiritual enlightenment experiences. You can write Dan through the contact page of this website.

What his clients say:

Thanks Dan for the difference you have made in my life. There was a time I doubted my own self and my own sexual capabilities. Now, I feel like a new woman again. Roberta, from Rio de Janeiro.

Gratitude, this is what I can tell you. Gratitude for the opportunity you gave me to know who I really am, not who I should be. Maria, from Buenos Aires.

You can write to Dan through the contact page of this website.

For more information on Alegraluz Tantra please write to Martin by sending us a message through the contact page of this website.


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