Training to become a Professional Tantric Massage Therapist


Intensive course in Professional Tantric Massage, First Certificate.

Normal location of course: Alegraluz Tantra Centre, Marbella/Ronda, Spain. The centre in Marbella/Ronda area is centrally heated, students will have access to several walking trails and the centre is within easy reach by bus from the airport. Alegraluz Tantra Centre

Certification with Alegraluz International (Conditions Apply)

Current course status: Open for registration - a course starts more or less every month. (Total cost more or less 4000 euro)

  • To be registered with Alegraluz you need to register as a student and do these 6 things:
  • i) do the Professional Alegraluz Tantric Massage Course to learn the technical Tantric Massage skills. Costs 1300 Euro. This part is not available as distance learning. Minimum one week. Usually in Spain.
  • ii) participate in at least one Alegraluz Tantra and Tantra massage workshop for a wider perspective on Tantra and Tantric Massages. Note that it canít be a level one workshop but must be higher than level one. Cost depends on the actual workshop that you select. This part is not available as distance learning. Minimum one week. Usually in Spain.
  • iii) do the Alegraluz Business Course. Costs 700 Euro. This part is available as distance learning.
  • iv) successfully complete a course in any other massage than Tantric Massage that includes formal anatomy and massage education. You can do that with us or come with a certificate from another organisation that will be investigated. Costs 700 Euro when done with Alegraluz. This part is available as distance learning.
  • v) sit for an exam. This examination consists of an oral part, a practical part as well as a written part. Students also have to present 5 written case studies. Free when done within 12 months after the Professional Alegraluz Tantric Massage Course. To be paid for when repeated. This exam has to be taken in one of our centres within one year of starting their studies.
  • vi) write a thesis on a predetermined theme. Free when done within 12 months after the Professional Alegraluz Tantric Massage Course.
  • Language of course: English and/or Spanish and/or German
  • Accommodation is be available Ė please enquire about availability and cost
  • Form of payment: Cash payment 30 days in advance to our office in Ronda or an electronic transfer (Pay pal, Western Union, Your own bank) Please pay all cahrges on your side.

Please note that therapists appear on the Alegraluz website by invitation only.

Objective of the course:
  • To enable students to acquire knowledge of the basics of Tantra and Tantric Massages.
  • To enable students to acquire skills regarding the basics of giving an Alegraluz Tantric Massage.
  • To enable students to experience the social, physiological and psychological benefits of giving and receiving massages.
  • To enable students to take the first steps in giving a professional Tantric massage.
  • To prepare students to find employment as a Professional Tantric Massage Therapist.
To enrol: Please call Martin on

to reserve your space.

Details of the certification stages are outlined below, please take a moment to evaluate them.

Alegraluz 1st Certificate: (Please select for more info)

Alegraluz First Certificate

Block 1:

  • The history of Massage
    • Massages Then
    • Nassages Now
  • Know the body
    • Circulatory and nervous systems
    • The meridians
    • The chakras
  • Basics of giving a massage
    • Effects of massages on the meridians and chakras
    • Side effects of massages
    • Basics of a relaxation massage
    • An agreeable environment
    • Posture of the masseur/masseuse
  • Massage strokes
    • Direction
    • Repetitions
    • Superficial
    • Deep
    • Compression
    • Vibrations
    • Percussions
  • Receiving massages
    • Each student to receive a professional massages

Block 2:

  • The technical aspects of a Tantra massage
    • Introduction
    • Preparation
    • Tantra massage step by step
    • Different body sections
    • Meridians
    • Chakras
    • Kundalini
    • Life force Chi
    • Chi and Maithuna
    • Tantra ceremonies
    • Closure to a Tantra massage

Block 3:

  • Tantra massage theory
    • Introduction to energy work
    • Sense of touch
    • Benefits of the massage
    • Goals of the massage
    • Introduction to Tantra massages for him
    • Introduction to Tantra massages for her
    • Introduction to Tantra massages for couples
    • Introduction to yoni healing
    • Introduction to ejaculatory choice
    • Dealing with Tantra massage clients

Block 4:

  • The masseur/masseuse and the Tantra industry
    • History of Tantra
    • Schools in Tantra
    • New directions in Tantra
  • Tantra Massage as a employment
    • The laws on sex therapy and confidentiality
    • Insurance
    • First aid
    • Safety
    • Hygiene
    • STDs
    • Remuneration
    • Associations
    • Working with Alegraluz
Alegraluz 2nd Certificate: (Please select for more info)

Alegraluz Second Certificate: Send us an email for more information and cost of this course.

Specialization courses in:

  • Tantra massages for men and Ejaculatory Choice
  • Tantra massages for women and Yoni Healing
  • Tantra massages for couples
Alegraluz 3rd Certificate: (Please select for more info)

Alegraluz Third Certificate: Send us an email for more information and cost of this course.

Specialisation course in presenting Tantra workshops

Alegraluz 4th Certificate: (Please select for more info)

Alegraluz Fourth Certificate

Specialisation course in teaching Tantra massage

General course description:

The guidance you will receive during this basic course in Tantra massage, has as aim the well-being of ourselves and the people we will share it with.

It is important to the Alegraluz Tantra International that Tantra is promoted and honoured as a path of personal enlightenment and inner peace.

  • Methodology:
    • The course will include a self-study section of one massage type with focus on the physiological aspects of the human body and one massage type with focus on the life force energy flow within and between humans.
    • Tantra massage classes may be presented on weekdays and/or weekends after consultation with the students.
    • Students will be expected to participate in prepared lectures.
    • Students will have to receive massages and will have to give massages during the course.
    • No student will be expected to receive or give any massage in a way that is not acceptable to them. Consent will be asked for, before every level of receiving or giving a massage.
    • We ask that you also attend at least one 7 day workshop that is included in the fee.
  • Evaluation:
    • The theory will be examined as an open book exam on a set date after agreement about a date between students have been reached.
    • The practical work will be examined on a set date that will be made known when the student enrols for the course.
    • The evaluation decision of the Alegraluz Tantra International staff will be final.
    • One opportunity to repeat an examination might be considered.
  • Instructors:
    • Maria, Tantra Trainer, Sexual Educator and Naturopath.
    • Martin, Tantra Trainer, Sexual Educator, Business Management Trainer and Anthropologist.
    • Instructors the Alegraluz Health and Tantra Centre wishes to contract.
  • Completion requirements:
    • An 80% attendance of classes.
    • An 80% pass figure of theoretical exams.
    • An 80% pass figure of practical work.
    • Written proof by the student of past experience and studies in massage.
    • Written proof by the student of massages given and received.
  • Equipment needed:
    • Text books
    • Oil and oil dispensers
    • Towels
    • Bed sheets
    • Pareo / Sarong
    • Slippers
    • Nail clippers
    • Nail file
    • Massage bed (optional)
    • Shiatsu mat (optional)
    • Models to practice on (optional)
    • Videos
    • Internet downloads
    • Paper towels
    • Paper sheets
    • Gloves
    • Sterilising alcohol

For more information on Alegraluz Tantra please write to Martin by sending us a message through the contact page of this website.


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