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Alegraluz Massages F.A.Q

What happens during a Tantric massage session?
During a Tantric Massage session you receive a massage that doesnít exclude or focus on any body part. You are coached into breathing properly during the duration of the massage. You can either go the bliss road or the orgasmic road. We discourage both as they are just stepping stones.
We aim at assisting you to take charge of your sexual energy, to combine it with your life force (who you really are) and to live life to the fullest.

Are therapists naked during a Tantric massage?
Yes. Therapists are naked during the massage, but touching the therapist is discouraged as our intention is for you to relax and to receive the massage.

Does the massage end with ejaculation?
No, the massage doesnít end with ejaculation, You are therefore asked not to ejaculate or use a vibrator 24 hours before, during or 24 hours after a session with an Alegraluz Tantra therapist.

How do I contact therapists?
Therapists can only be contacted by writing an email through the contact page of our website.

Are you in all the locations as listed on your website?
Alegraluz trained therapists or associate therapists visit most of the locations mentioned on our website, at times.

How shall I prepare myself for a Tantric massage?
The ultimate preparation is to be free from expectations. Not to have a set idea in the mind as the mind can never conceive the depths of our own being. Go for a walk before and after your session. Take your time, it might be one of the best investments in your life.

Does the Alegraluz Tantric Massage take place on a massage bed/table?
The massage mostly starts with the use of a massage bed but after a short while it is continued on a futon mat on the floor.

Do you employ massage staff?
Alegraluz doesnít employ massage therapists anywhere in the world. We encourage therapists to receive our training and to open their own rooms in their preferred location. We have the services of very skilled people to assist them is making a success of their own businesses.

Why does a Tantric Massage take such a long time? More than two hours! Almost three hours?
A Tantric Massage deals with the life force flow in clients. Most people are not aware of it. Many canít find it. Others are controlled by it. The Tantric Massage Therapist assists the client to make awareness contact with their own life force. This process requires time.

What is a Tantric Massage for couples?
Each partner receives a Tantric Massage for two hours and afterwards they are brought together for one hour to learn some basic strokes on each other as well as to practice maithuna, a beautiful Tantra ritual.

Can people who arenít Hindus really teach Tantra?
Yes. Tantra and Hinduism share a lot. Tantra doesnít belong to Hinduism at all. If one assumes that Tantra is the exclusive domain of Hinduism then the motor car industry should be exclusively for the Christian community.

Alegraluz. Frequently Asked Questions

Why do men suffer so much from premature ejaculation?
We daily receive many emails from men asking for help with premature ejaculation. When we start asking them about their relationship with women, we hear that they experience a complete lack of intimacy with women. The life force is therefore deprived from circulating between men and women resulting in getting stuck in a focus point in the genitals.

Where do the Alegraluz holidays take place?
These holidays are mainly in Andalusia, Spain but the same formula can be duplicated in many parts of the world.

Do you follow any specific religion in Alegraluz Tantra?
Tantra forms part of many religions. It happens that some religious leaders question our use of Tantra without their religious coating. Alegraluz follows a free, open, natural and loose way of living a fulfilled life.

Can people who arenít Hindus really teach Tantra?
Yes. Tantra and Hinduism share a lot but Tantra doesnít belong to Hinduism at all. If one assumes that Tantra is the exclusive domain of Hinduism then the computer industry should be exclusively for the Christian community.

Iím pregnant. Can I do Tantra?
After the first three months it is usually not a problem. We suggest that you consult your doctor about it anyway.

Iím 50 years old. My sex life is almost non-existing. Can Tantra do anything for me?
YES! Tantra doesnít exclude anyone of any age group.

Iím curious to know more about the way you work and how to get associated?
The way we work is quite simple. 1. We do NOT entertain the mind as our work thrives on so called dualities. 2. We do work with life force (the real you, the abundant you, the godliness in you and us) 3. We treat sexuality as a normal part of who we are. The best way to get associated is to do a workshop with us.

I have been suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I need to know if these can be rectified after taking your workshop?
We do not promise the results as you have mentioned in your question. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have many nuances and interpretation to their meaning. When the client suffer from a physical or medical condition, it is not within our domain to assist at all. Please consult a medical doctor.
What we do promise is that most clients discover their divine self, they move into a restful/alert state about themselves and their sexuality and most of what they have complained before about doesn't exist any more. This is a spiritual course with very prominent skills to be learned.
The combination of the two depends on your interpretation of reality and being. We are delighted to say that most participants felt after the workshop that they were well on their road to full sexual expression according their own measure.

For more information on Alegraluz Tantra please write to Martin by sending us a message through the contact page of this website.

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