Tantra and Tantric Sex Massage Sessions. Now in Zurich.

Spain, India, UAE, Switzerland,
Qatar and worldwide on request.

Tantric Sex Massage is an Eastern Enlightenment Technique which reactivates whole body, sexual energy flow.

Tantra Massage






Alegraluz Tantric Sex Massage Sessions originate from sexual and spiritual views on wellbeing. It also balances the feminine and masculine energies and is a wonderful way for body and mind to re-connect. A Tantric sex massage session is an ancient and well structured interaction between the Tantra host and the Tantra guest. There are several rewards for the opening-up of your whole being; like a re-activated sexual energy flow and a re-structured spiritual mind.

Six hours private sessions in Tantra and Tantric Touch are open to singles and couples.

More on Tantra and Tantric Sex Massage Sessions in Spain.
(India, Bangalore. UAE, Dubai. Qatar, Doha. Switzerland, Zurich and worldwide on request)

The Alegraluz Tantra / Tantric Massage Sex Sessions vary from country to country. The description below is for Spain.

The aim of a tantric sex session is for you to learn sexuality skills to use the rest of your life.

The Alegraluz Tantra / Tantric Sex Massage Session includes:

  • The tantric sex session first block consists out of Tantra BREATH work: - Tantric orgasmic breathing - Opening of the energy chakras - Awakening of the life force sexual flow (A preparation for ejaculation control and being multi-orgasmic or even permanent orgasmic)
  • The tantric sex session second block consists out of Tantra TOUCH work: - Receiving a two hour Tantric sex massage - Also included are some Tantric sex techniques after the session to prepare you for living your life completely.
  • The tantric sex session third block consists out of Tantra INTIMACY work: - Receiving, observing, learning and practicing the tantric sex techniques we offer you. - Also included are some life skills to prepare you for living your life completely.

One block can be done by Martin (or his fully trained colleague) and another block can be done by Maria (or her fully trained colleague)

The total cost for an Alegraluz Tantra / Tantric Sex Massage Sessions is available on request. As a special offer you can invite your opposite sex partner for FREE. Should you come alone, the cost remains the same.

One night shared accommodation might be included (the night before OR AFTER the session) as well as light meals and teas. Should you NOT stay over, the cost remains the same.

A typical Alegraluz Tantra / Tantric Sex Massage Session time plan is as follows:

  • 19.00 Arrival on the day before the session, check-in and a light vegetarian dinner.
  • 20.00 A one hour orientation talk.
  • 07.30 to 08.30 An optional walk in nature, or yoga, or dance, or a silent meditation session.
  • 09.00 Breakfast outside or inside.
  • 10.00 to 12.30 First part of the Tantra sex session
  • 13.00 Light vegetarian lunch
  • 14.30 to 17.00 Second part of the Tantra sex session
  • 17.00 to 17.30 Short talk on your experience and some suggestions on future work.
  • 18.00 Goodbye and departure

We suggest that you be quiet for the next 24 hours and you might even consider staying over another night.

A second tantric sex massage session can include many other aspects as listed under Tantric Sex Massage Sessions. Maria Tantra and Tantric Massage Sessions

We ask that you prepare yourself for the session by not to ejaculate or use a vibrator 48 hours before, during or 48 hours after the Alegraluz Tantra / Tantric Massage Session. The reason is to learn to package your energy for appropriate use whenever you want.
Also let us know if you want to share a room with your partner, if you want a double bed or two single beds.
We need to know if you undergo any medical treatment or any medical condition that you suffer from.

Our repeat clients can contact us for their own custom made follow-up programme.

After a Tantric Sex Session people will notice the life force flow in you. The joy of being who you really are ... an enlightened, divine being who lives a fulfilled life here on earth. What to do? Just smile and let your life force energy flow!

We look forward to meeting you in Tantra.
Martin and Maria.

For more information on Alegraluz Tantra please write to Martin by sending us a message through the contact page of this website.

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